Jari Ahonen

Current Location: Finland/Philippines

Education: Datanom, Web-Producer

Description: Hard working survivor from the poor family who has always believed himself and had to work hard for to reach the point where stands today. A middle weight bodybuilder with major backbone problems. A long term Biker, crazy for nice motorbikes and ’55 Chevys.. and curvy ladies :)




Chevy '55 210


My first Chevy '55 210 Sedan (1989-1998). This is the car where all the craziness and passion for the fiftyfive Chevys started at 1989 and I got the car almost 10 years in my life. During those times we went thru really many spectacular moments together. There's still so many wonderful memories to tell and this car is still having a huge place in my heart. During all those years, step by step the car was turning into wilder and wilder ProStreeter in my hands.

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'55 BelAir


Chevy '55 BelAir (1998-2003).The ProStreet BelAir. This story started from really badly destroyed (by previous owners) junkyard car that I found. Almost all the small detail parts were gone and the body was in too bad condition for to restoration purpose. So there was only one reasonable option left. To build up a ProStreeter by using the parts that I was already having in my garage. This project was awesome experience to finish in this kind of country of millions of stupid laws. I made it, I got the approval from authorities and I got the register plates for to street use.

You can see the story of overhauling as Photo slide.


Chevy '55 210 STW


Chevy '55 210 STW (1997-2007). I had this STW about 10 years in my life. It was going under the total overhauling directly when I bought it and it became really nice show winner but also really economical daily driver with Electric Fuel Injected engine from -90's. So economical, that it was serving as everyday car on all those years, except during the snowy winter times. It was a crushing moment when I finally decided to sell the car. My heart and soul were really into that car.

To see the story of overhauling as a Photo Slide.


Constructam Condor -64


'ProSleep' Contructam -64 (2010-2018) Constructam Condor -64. I've had for long time a dream to have a caravan that is looking as old, but would be running by modern technology. In 2010 I found this project from Netherland and because we were having a small kid, I decided to do this overhaul at first, before the main projects Harley and fiftyfive Chevy. With help of my loving family, we finished the project during one winter and we enjoyed the results on our next summer holiday tour in 2011. The caravan became totally independent by using a solar technology for all electrics (without a need of 230 voltage!) and it was serving our needs really well where ever we went.

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